Children’s room decor

The child overgrows, but it is expensive and time-consuming to make repairs often so that the room matches his age. Much more correct are those parents who invest in high-quality finishing of walls, ceiling, and floor of the children’s office, which will become the background for decorating that takes into account the age and interests of the baby room design.

The children’s room “grow” together with the child, it is better to make the walls neutral, light pastel shades. The best option is to paint it.

Posters and photos on the walls.

The easiest way to design walls is to hang banners. It can be characters from favorite cartoons of the kid, movie characters, and actors, and show business stars in the room decor of a teenager. This option allows you to change the decor as often as the interests of the child change.
You can also decorate the walls with photos of the child-creating a variety of compositions-placing photo frames in groups or a row. Colorful photo frames will look impressive they will create a color accent on plain walls.


wall sticker

You can use stickers many times. It is easy to create wall decor in a children’s room. Professionally made labels are easy to stick and separate from the smooth surface of the wall, leaving no traces. The theme of wall decoration can be varied-from individual elements (flowers, butterflies-for girls, cars, airplanes-for boys) to story paintings that take up to half of the wall. Often some stickers help create an unusual wall decor in combination with other elements for, example, photos: the base-tree is a sticker that is “hung” on the “branches” of the photo frame.

We are decorating with textiles.


Textiles will help to create a stylization in the children’s room. Even in the absence of other bright elements, it can enliven the space.

Bright curtains with stripes and a matching bedspread or lampshade and the room will “come to life.” If you make curtains for the Girls like a four-poster bed, like a Princess. This cozy corner of the girl’s bedroom will create a comfortable area that will be a place to sleep at night and turn into a Playground during the day. Looking for how to design a baby girl room.

For lovers of the floral style of shabby chic-a delicate lace bedspread, light curtains on the Windows, a flower lampshade can be supplemented with a decorative cage suspended from the ceiling, a vase of flowers. The boy’s room decor can be in a ship striped curtains on the Windows, sails over the bed, and a real steering wheel on the wall. For fans of sports teams, the original solution will be to decorate the room in the colors of the idol team.


Prefab module.

Three-dimensional letters and words are a unique element of interior decoration. These letters can be placed on the wall, on the Cabinet, on the shelf by writing the full name of the child. This element of decor will look like a bright spot in the interior of the children’s room. Now it is fashionable to decorate the walls with inscriptions, let it is the life motto of a teenager or a significant expression of a favorite character. In essence, they will look great, decorate the room without overloading the interior. The interior of the children’s room will enliven by a “school Board-a part of the wall painted with this effect. Instead of coloring, you can place a small blackboard in the game area, and later in the training area, on which it is convenient to write and draw with chalk.


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